Instructor Training

Want to become a driving instructor? Why not come and take driving instructor training with us at Sure Driving School, in Holywood?

Being a driving instructor is not just a job, it is a vocation that can offer years of job satisfaction, with the opportunity to meet new people and pass on a skill for life.

If you want to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) you must:

  • Currently hold a full Northern Ireland, Great Britain or Community (EU) car driving licence;
  • Have held one of the above licences or a foreign licence for a total of 4 years out of the past 6 years preceding the date of your application;
  • Not have been disqualified from driving for any part of the 4 years preceding the date of your application;
  • Be a fit and proper person to have your name entered in the Register. All convictions, including motoring offences, still in force (i.e. not 'spent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Northern Ireland) Order 1978) will be taken into account when the Registrar assesses your suitability to be entered on the Register;
  • Pass the 3 part qualifying examination.

The Qualifying Examination requires you to pass 3 tests in order to become a fully qualified and Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

  • a theory test;
  • a practical test of your driving ability; and
  • a practical test of your ability to instruct

You must take and pass all three parts of the examination in this order and the whole examination must be completed within two years of passing the theory test. You are allowed 3 attempts at each part. If you have not completed the examination within this time you must start again from the beginning and pass each part again.

The process begins by making an application to take the ADI theory test which is the first part of the 3 part qualifying examination.

Part 1 – ADI Theory Test

This test is made up of 2 sections: multiple choice and Hazard Perception. You need to pass both sections before you can move onto Part 2. We provide you with 2 hours 1 to 1 mentoring with your own personal trainer and follow up guidance and support.

Telephone support is also available.

Once you have passed Part 1 you have 2 years to pass Parts 2 and 3.

Part 2 – ADI Driving Test

The test is very similar to the current driving test for learners, but it is longer and requires you to demonstrate a very high level of driving skill on all types of roads including motorways. All reverse manoeuvres will be tested. Your personal trainer will assess your current driving skills in order to tailor a detailed programme of training to help you pass. We provide 12 hours of 1 to 1 in-car training for Part 2.

You need to pass Part 2 before you can move on to Part 3.

Part 3 – ADI Instructional Ability Test

This test involves you delivering 2 half hour lessons to an examiner who will play the role of a learner driver in the first section and then in the second, that of a driver near to test standard. The examiner will assess your ability to teach. You will receive a grade in this test – only grades 4 (adequate), 5 (good) or 6 (excellent) will result in official recognition of ADI.

Your personal trainer will act in the role of examiner/learner driver and mentor you through the required curriculum. Each 2 hour session is planned with lesson aims and constructive feedback which will cover all the PSTs (Pre-set tests). We offer 40 hours of 1 to 1 in-car training to help you achieve the standard required in Part 3.



1 payment in full of £1890.

OPTION 2 - PAYMENT PLAN in 5 stages

The first payment must be made prior to commencement of the course, and is followed by 4 monthly payments:

  • 1st payment £490.00 - this includes 2 hours of mentoring for Part 1, and training for Part 2 (14 hours in all);
  • 2nd payment £350.00 - this covers the cost of the first 10 hours of your Part 3 Instructional Ability training:
  • 3rd payment £350.00 - this covers the cost of the second 10 hours of your Part 3 training;
  • 4th payment £350.00 - this covers the cost of the third 10 hours of your Part 3 training;
  • 5th & final payment £350.00 - this covers the cost of the final 10 hours of your Part 3 training (40 hours in all).

***No training can be started until either payment in full under Option 1 or the first stage payment under Option 2 is received. If staged payments Option 2 is taken, training for each stage can only be started after payment for that stage has been received.

Cost of DVA tests

The cost of the Driving Instructor Training Course does not include the cost of any DVA tests. The Part 1 Theory Test costs £72.00 per attempt while the Part 2 Driving Test will cost £130 and the Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability is £138.00 per attempt. The cost of each is to be paid by the trainee. If a Sure Driving School car is required for the Part 2 and / or Part 3 examination, this is charged separately and additionally in advance of each test.


Your name will be entered in the Register once you have qualified and paid the £240 fee. You will then be sent an official Certificate of Registration which will have your name, photograph and official title. The certificate is renewable every 4 years. If you wish to have your name entered in the Register you must apply for registration within 12 months of passing the Register Qualifying Examination.

The official title of registered instructors is "Department of the Environment Approved Driving Instructor" (DOE ADI) and you are allowed to use this title for as long as your name is on the Register. It is illegal for anyone to use this description unless they are entitled.